Will You Survive Motherhood?

October 26, 2016 Tracy Heins

Whether it’s a silent plea or a loud cry with tears streaming down your face, every Mom eventually asks: “Will I survive Motherhood?” Sometimes you are tired and out of patience.  Your hair could grease […]

finding a balance in motherhood

Finding a Balance in Motherhood

October 2, 2016 Tracy Heins

Sometimes family gatherings smother the life out of you. I escaped to the bathroom leaving the family escapades behind.  A stack of games piled up in the corner. “Tip It” caught my eye.  Do you […]

anxiety and going to the dentist

Anxiety and Going to the Dentist

September 28, 2016 Tracy Heins

Every so often we embarrass ourselves in a bone-head way. You have to embrace the moment and hope everyone around will forget about it. Soon. I arrive at the dentist’s office, my heart races and […]

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