perfect mom

Mrs. Perfect – by Jane Porter

November 18, 2016 Tracy Heins

Rating – 4  out of 5 Cups of Tea Genre – Mommy Lit Pages – 419. Fast page turner, easy to read. Drama – Tons of mommy and girlfriend drama. Some marriage drama.  Tears – […]

feeding kids

Six Stages of Feeding Kids

October 23, 2016 Tracy Heins

Feeding kids starts at conception and never.ever.ends. Humans are the only species that give their kids a choice of what to eat. For example, a bird regurgitates her food and gags it into her baby’s […]

before kids

How Do Your Kids Wake You Up?

October 20, 2016 Tracy Heins

Before kids, alarm clocks woke me up.  When I was pregnant, my bladder woke me up. After birth, my newborn woke me up every two hours. Next, teething, upset tummies, and nightmares woke me up […]

finding a balance in motherhood

Finding a Balance in Motherhood

October 2, 2016 Tracy Heins

Sometimes family gatherings smother the life out of you. I escaped to the bathroom leaving the family escapades behind.  A stack of games piled up in the corner. “Tip It” caught my eye.  Do you […]

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