self confidence

Confessions of an Ordinary Woman

November 2, 2016 Tracy Heins

Some days I feel ordinary, nothing special, and just plain average. My breath smells in the morning and my underwear doesn’t always match my bra.  Occasionally, I have  only one earring  on or walk around […]

You Are in the Pirelli Calendar 2016

December 1, 2015 Tracy Heins

Pirelli published a new calendar for 2016. And you are in it. Annie Leibovitz took your picture. All thirteen of the ladies represent different facets of women. We are all artists, actors or mothers at […]

types of women at the mall

Types of Women at the Mall

December 3, 2013 Tracy Heins

Women love to shop. Maybe it harkens back to when humans were hunters and gatherers.  The men went off to hunt wooly mammoths and the women stayed home and gathered food. Men hunted prey, and […]

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