infertility motherhood

An Infertility Story

January 8, 2018 Tracy Heins

The path to motherhood may seem like a simple one, but for some women, the path takes a different turn. Infertility is a difficult journey and a private one. Kelly, a new mom from San […]

the gift of the magi

The Gift of the Magi – O. Henry

December 24, 2017 Tracy Heins

Editors Note:  We wish to share this timeless story with our readers. No matter what religion you may be, the heart of the story is of love. Love is always good.  The story was originally […]

stages of friendship

The Four Stages of Girlfriendship

December 20, 2017 Tracy Heins

Young girls share everything with their girlfriends, grown women, not so much. There are stages of friendship women go through. As young girls, friendships formed in algebra class or summer camp. We talked about boys, […]

Will You Survive Motherhood?

November 5, 2017 Tracy Heins

Whether it’s a silent plea or a loud cry with tears streaming down your face, every Mom eventually asks: “Will I survive Motherhood?” Sometimes you are tired and out of patience.  Your hair could grease […]

self confidence

Confessions of an Ordinary Woman

November 4, 2017 Tracy Heins

Some days I feel ordinary, nothing special, and just plain average. My breath smells in the morning and my underwear doesn’t always match my bra.  Occasionally, I have  only one earring  on or walk around […]

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