• Catching Curveballs

    A Parents Bucket List – 30 Things to Do Before the Kids Leave Home

    by Tracy Larson on October 18, 2014

      Eat ice cream for breakfast.  Show your kids it’s ok to do something out of the routine. Fly a kite and don’t worry if the string gets tangled. Bake together and let them measure everything. Go camping and tell ghost stories Look for a four leaf clover Leave the swimming pool up ALL summer.  Show them the grass will grow [read the full article]

  • Wisdom Wednesdays

    How to Stretch a Paycheck to Make Ends Meet

    by Contributors on October 22, 2014

    The recession has hit us hard; do you have any tips on how to stretch a paycheck to get us through? Asked by Kris – Salem, OR These are tough financial times for families. Many people have lost their jobs of many years and our young college graduates can’t find work. We are all [read the full article]

  • Women, Then & Now

    Women’s Calendars 1915 vs Now

    by Tracy Larson on August 19, 2014

    Women are busy people who use calendars to track multitasking lives. All of us have a favorite, maybe its a smartphone or a paper calendar with sticky notes poking out everywhere. Women from 1915 used a different type of calendar. Take a peek below and see if you can spot the differences and [read the full article]

  • Who is She?

    The President of the PTA

    by Tracy Larson on September 28, 2014

    You probably have spotted the President of the PTA roaming around the school or have read her name on forms that come home in the backpack. Do you ever wonder who this mom really is and why she is the President of the PTA?     Let me introduce you to Julia, she may surprise you with the [read the full article]

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  • Daily Reality Check
    If you think you can, you can. And if you think you can't, you're right.
    ~ Mary Kay Ash

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