Are You Worried as a Mom About These Things?

a lot weighs on a moms mind

are you a good mom?

I worry. I am worried as a mom about a lot of thing these days.

I worry about the fly hitting the window. I worry about my car breaking down while I’m in my pajamas dropping the kids off at school. I worry if a baby wipe cleaned the bathroom. I worry if anyone can smell the item in our family car that we can’t find. I worry about the state of the world or if elephants will be around when my grandchildren are born.

I would rather be consumed by a bubble bath than worries.

Other things I worry about:

•           The jar in the fridge that has been there since 1997. We aren’t sure what it is but just in case we need it, we leave it there.

•           What the repairman will find when he moves the washer out from the wall where it has been parked for the last 5 years?

•           The stuff my neighbors might hear in the summer while our windows are wide open.

•           If anyone will notice I hemmed my pants with tape.

•           How many dust mites I kill with my vacuum’s HEPA filter?

•           What my dog is thinking while watching me get dressed every morning?

•           I worry about what happens to the pumpkins not chosen for Halloween.

Things I don’t worry about.

•           Hugging my kids or kissing my husband too much.

•           Talking to my dog like he is a person.

•           Calling my mother a few times a week.

•           Watching too many cartoons on a Saturday morning.

•           Taking too much time listening to my kids.

•           Wasting time looking for a four leaf clover.

•           The appointment I canceled to help out a friend instead.

•           Being late every so often.

•           The walk with my toddler that took so long because he looked at every leaf along the way.

If you still worry, lather up in a bubble bath, rinse, repeat as necessary.

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