What Only a Mother Sees

what only a mother sees

An old saying goes, ‘Mothers have eyes in the back of their heads’. True, we do and they get bigger and sharper as the years go on. But what only a mother sees is something very different…

  • A mom walks into a video arcade and sees millions of germs; the kids see lights and prizes.
  • She sees the duct tape missing and knows to take roll call of the kids.
  • Witnessing siblings fighting makes her wonder if they will ever be friends.
  • She envisions mistakes before they happen and remains quiet while they are solved.
  • Sees her daughter playing alone at recess and feels lonely.
  • Sees a flat tire and envisions missed swimming lessons, phone calls to the teacher, the repair shop, plus 4 hours in the tire store.
  • She sees 4 cookies left for the family of 5 and says, “I’m not that hungry now.”
  • Looks at her watch and sees the hands moving too fast.
  • Views her teenage daughter and sees glimpses of her own mistakes.
  • She looks at her child asleep in their bed at the end of the day and hopes she did ok as a parent.

Now, if someone could just give mothers a pair of glasses that would block out the visions of dishes, dust, dinner and dog hair.

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