Everyday Hidden Calorie Burns for Women

hidden calorie burns

Dieting stinks. No doubt about it. When else do you deliberately deprive yourself and celebrate when it works? A statistic came out stating that 2 out of 3 women are on diets at any given time.  That’s a lot of scales being stepped on, treadmills being run on, and cookies left out in the cold. In the middle of it all are calories.

Calories are easy to find but hard to lose.

Calories are found in our pantries, grocery stores, restaurants, street fairs, vitamins and even crumbs. Our kitchen counters are home for canisters and cookie jars full of calories. At parties they are spread out on tables looking their very best to entice you; dips, chips, cakes, strawberries cut into flowers or little sandwiches shaped like hearts. Oh, they are sexy and hard to resist sometimes, those calories.

To lose calories is a tad more difficult. Oh, sure we lose them as we walk around and go on about our day. But to lose enough on a diet to actually lose weight is another story. A brisk three mile walk only burns 300 calories, and takes an hour to do. While a piece of cake; from the center of the cake is 350 calories. The five minutes it takes to eat that piece of cake takes an hour on the treadmill to burn it all off. That is not fair; didn’t any calories get burned while we lifted our fork to eat the cake?

Hidden ways we burn calories everyday as women.

One mouse click = 1 Calorie

Breaking up sibling fighting = 100 Calories

Cleaning up a stain on something no one knows how it got there = 25 calories

Finding everyone’s lost items = 299 Calories

Putting on nylons=15 calories

Texting your teenager = 10 calories per text

Chasing your toddler = unlimited amount of calories


Dieting is not easy. Burning enough calories to lose weight takes effort and work; and it is worth it. There are just some days where I wish we could donate the calories we don’t want anymore, and write them off as a weight deduction.

Can you come up with any more hidden calories burns?


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  1. So that means i can sit at my computer and click the mouse 1000 times and burn 1000 calories? I could burn all that in about an hour! Sounds great! 😉

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