Reasons for a Mom to Believe in Santa Claus


believing in santa claus

The magic of believing in Santa Claus is not just for little kids.  Here are five reasons for you, the Mom, to believe in the big guy.

  • You can use the question, “Are you going to be on Santa’s naughty or nice list this year?” in July and immediately stop your three year old from hitting his brother.
  • It gives you a reason to bake your favorite cookies for “Santa” to eat on Christmas Eve while stopping at your house.
  • The words, “You can put in on your Christmas list for Santa,” come in handy when your child is complaining you never buy him anything in the middle of Walmart.
  • When you tell your kids Santa won’t come unless they go to sleep, they actually go to bed without having to be told more than once.
  • Because anything that causes so much happiness and wonder in your child’s face on Christmas morning and during the holiday is real.

Enjoy the season and all the wonder and magic it provides!


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