Letters to My Kids – Three Rules Every Kid Should Live By

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rules every kids should live by

Dear Kids,

There are three rules every kid should know while living at home. I decided to write you a letter as the last time I asked you to do any of these three items nothing happened. So, here are three rules:

  • When leaving a room, turn off the lights.

We have to pay for electricity, it isn’t free.  Every time you turn on a light, the meter starts.  We are not the electric company.

  • Put away or pick up your things when done with them.

We are not your maid or your housekeeper.  We will be charging $1 per item we have to pick up or put away that is yours.

  • If you use the last of something replace it and throw out the empty container.

This includes the toilet paper roll, empty milk jugs and cookie bags. If you finish the milk, please add it to the grocery list.

These are the three items we will be working on with you in the coming week.  Thank you for reading and we look forward to your response!



Dear Mom,

Thank you for your letter.  We appreciate you being up front with us.  We talked it over and have a couple of concerns.

  • We will work on turning out the lights when leaving a room.  Sometimes we just plain forget or think we are just going to be coming back in so why turn them off?  It’s kind of like making your bed in the morning.  If you are just going to be sleeping in it later that day, why make it?  By the way, it would be way cool if we were the electric company.  Our video games would really rock!  Is this a possibility?
  • We have a concern on this one.  We will work on putting our things away and picking up.  But we agreed that the $1 per item may require an increase in our weekly allowance amount.
  • We really struggled with this one.  We both have no recollection whatsoever about not replacing these items.  If we didn’t do it and you and Dad didn’t do it, who did?  We feel there is a mystery to be solved.

Thank you for writing to us.  We appreciate it.


The Kids


Dear Kids,

Thank you for your response.  See below.

  • Since we are not the electric company, we hired them to install a switch on your video games. The switch will only turn on your video games if all the other lights in empty rooms are off.  If any of the lights in empty rooms have been left on for more than ten minutes, your video games will not work for 24 hours.
  • We are concerned about this issue as well.  Therefore we will decrease your allowance by $1 per week and put that money into the bank until the issue is resolved.  We started a savings account for Dad’s back massages.  He hurts from bending over picking up stuff every night.
  • Yes, this is a mystery.  We must have a ghost.  But don’t be scared, family ghosts usually disappear when the kids leave home.

Thank you for reading!



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