Things Every Mother Does But Doesn’t Admit – Secret Mom Behaviors

secret mom behaviors

Mothers have a lot going on. Some days it’s a struggle just to get your hair to lay flat on our head. That’s where baseball hats come in. We admit we’re busy and our hair could grease a wheel sometimes.  However, there are things we just don’t talk about on the sidelines of a soccer game. We have secret mom behaviors…look familiar to you?

  • You “borrow” money from your child’s piggy bank to pay the sitter.
  • Setting the clocks ahead 15 minutes to make bedtime earlier.
  • Playing your son’s video game for three hours while he is at school.
  • You wait quietly until your teenager goes to sleep to read all their text messages.

  • They certainly won’t miss several pieces of their Halloween candy will they?
  • After dropping them off at school you go home and take a nap.
  • You rock out to songs on their IPods and will never admit to liking Lady Gaga.
  • Sometimes, just for a little while, you surf the internet reading celebrity gossip sites or watching a reality TV show you taped.
  • Anything green they eat for dinner you count as a vegetable.
  • You pretend you are asleep when it’s your turn to get up in the middle of the night for a crying baby.

We all have secret mom behaviors we do to survive this thing called Motherhood. What are yours?

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