New School Year Resolutions for Moms

kids are going back to school

A new school year starts with children heading to the bus stop with new supplies, clothes and shoes that smell funny. They’re excited to see their friends and pizza on the school lunch menu.

It’s a fresh start.

For moms, the new school year starts with us heading to the bus stop with coffee in hand along with our hopes and dreams that the year will be a good one.  We look forward to seeing pizza on the school lunch menu freeing us from lunch making duty.

It’s a fresh start.

It sounds and looks a lot like New Year’s Day, so we created a few new school year resolutions.

  • Only volunteer for what you can really handle and lose the guilt for the rest.
  • Do not feel guilty for crying the first day of school after drop off; either from “they are another year older, it goes by so fast” feelings to “thank goodness they are back in school” because you are pulling out your hair feelings.
  • Buying school lunches more than once a week is ok.  No one creates healthy, delicious lunches, every…single…day of the school year.
  • Treat yourself once a week to something special for all you do.
  • Remember when you talk with the principal you are not in 3rd grade anymore.  You are a grown up just like they are.
  • Adhere to the belief…drive-thru restaurants were created for a reason.
  • Repeat to yourself – Just because you can’t do your 12 year olds math homework doesn’t mean your high school diploma is obsolete.
  • Carpool does not have a life preserver available, plan accordingly.

Enjoy the start of the new school year.  It’s a day for believing anything is possible.  We don’t get many days like that in life, perhaps it’s a gift just for you.


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