The Mysteries of Men

mysteries of men

Men claim to be simple. Men claim women are complicated. Yet, the unsolved mysteries of men challenge their claim of simplicity. For decades women have been stumped left asking, “why do men do what they do?”

Ten Mysteries of Men:

1. Why can a man spot a bikini 50 feet away but can’t see the milk in the refrigerator in front of him?

2. Why can they watch a basketball game and notice the beads of sweat on the player’s faces and comment, “Look at that HD picture of the sweat! It’s fantastic!”, but they can’t see the dust on the end tables that need to be cleaned?

3. Their bodies can expel gas at an alarming rate from no known source of any kind.

4. If men can’t multitask, why can they watch 4 different football games at the same time while knowing which team has the ball at any given time?

5. At every stop light their fingers are drawn to their noses for an inspection. Why?

6. Why they can remember every play of the championship game but can’t remember to take out the garbage?

7. How they can make a pair of underwear last an entire lifetime?

8. Why he’ll have a tea party with his daughter, but won’t hold his wife’s purse at the mall?

9. Why he thinks his wife is the most attractive women on earth even if she just got out of bed with no makeup on?

10. Why from the age of 8, men won’t let anyone see them cry, yet, holding their newborn baby, draws a tear?

Men, not so simple after all.


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