A Parent’s Guide to Texting Teenagers


parents guide to texting teenagers

“Honey, call me when you get to Nicole’s house.” Mom requests.

“Mom, only old people use the phone,” daughter replies.

“Well, then text me,” says Mom.

…15 minutes later…texting begins…

Daughter:   At N’s (She arrived at Nicole’s)

Mom:  Thank you; be home by 5pm. Mom.

Daughter: K

…1 hour later…

Daughter:  Can I stay at N’s overnight? She’s my BFF.

Mom:  What’s a BFF?

Daughter:  Best Friends Forever

Mom:  Oh.  Not tonight, we have an early morning tomorrow.

Daughter:  PLS

Mom:  What is PLS?

Daughter:  Please

Mom:  No, not tonight.

Daughter:  Y?

At this point, Mom begins to think of her own texting acronyms and answers back…

Mom:  BISS

Daughter:  What is BISS?

Mom: Because I said so.

Daughter:  K

 …later that evening…

“Nicole!” yells Mom from downstairs, “Dinner time!”




Mom picks up her cell phone and texts Nicole.

Mom:  TFD

Daughter: ?

Mom:  Time for Dinner

Nicole comes down for dinner.

It is at this moment Mom comes up with her own texting acronyms and places them on the refrigerator.  The fridge is the one place in the house guaranteed to be seen numerous times a day by hungry teenagers.

Mom’s Texting Acronyms

BISS – Because I said so

TFD – Time for dinner

PUYR – Pick up your room

PYCA – Put your clothes away

BHB12 – Be home by 12:00 or other time

NTT – Need to talk

GOTP – Get off the phone

DYH – Do your homework

CRFW – Curfew

WU – Wake Up

Y2M – Yes, I will drive you to the mall.

N2M – No, I will not drive you to the mall.

CRKYS – Car keys

SSLU – Stay safe, love you

Now, if we can just get our teenagers to text us what they are feeling before they enter the room or house.


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