Dear Fairy Godmother – I’m Stuck in the Suburbs

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stuck in the suburbs

Dear Fairy Godmother,

I’m stuck in the suburbs and lately I have the urge to book a hotel room and sleep all weekend with room service as my only communication.  Some days I even yearn to drive out of my neighborhood and not venture back for awhile.

I have a house full of kids, a job, pets, and a husband.  Things get rather monotonous.  Just yesterday as I was sitting picking candle wax out of the carpet and thought, “There has to be more to life than this.”  What happened to the glamorous life I was supposed to lead?

Am I the only one who thinks these things?


Lost in the Suburbs

Dear Lost in the Suburbs,

Don’t worry; it’s completely normal to feel this way.  Some days I feel my pixie dust isn’t as sparkly as it used to be.  We all look at our life sometimes and think, “Is this it?”

Take a different picture of your life in your mind.  It sometimes helps to hold the camera at a different angle.  No one’s life is perfect or glamorous.  If you need a little more sparkle, try taking a class in a subject that is out of your comfort level.  Like pottery or learning a new language.  Or maybe buy a sweater for yourself in a color you normally don’t wear.  Sometimes just changing a small item in our life is all we need to feel less monotonous.

Remember, I am here with my pixie dust and wand when you need me.  Like yesterday when all the socks matched up in the laundry.  That was me with my wand.


Your Fairy Godmother

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