What to Do When Your Child Says, “I’m Bored”

“I’m bored.”

Two words  stated by every child within 48 hours of the end of the school year, during a family dinner, a sibling’s piano recital or other places. Parents respond with ideas until they reach their limit and began to grow gray hairs. However, one suggestion usually works. Can you guess which one?

See if you can relate to the following:

“I’m bored,” says Wil.

“Why don’t you play with your brother?” I say.

“He keeps breathing on me, I can’t stand him.”


“Go play in your room.”

“It’s too messy in there.”


“Go outside and get fresh air.”

“It’s too cold or too hot.”


“Call a friend to come over and play,” I reply.

“Naw, they’re not home.”


“How about counting the sheets of toilet paper to see if it really is 450 per roll?”

“Mom, are you serious, no way?”


“Why don’t you read or play a game?”

“I just did that yesterday.”


“How about doing the science kit Grandma gave you?”

“I’ll do that on Tuesday.”


“I’m bored.”

“Okay, if you are bored, come help with the laundry or dishes.”

“Oh, I just remembered, I can read my book.”

Did you find the one that works like a charm every time?  Repeat it frequently during the “I’m bored” or other situations for full effect.

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