Ten Ways to Honor Fathers

appreciating fathers

Once a year we honor Fathers. But these piggy-back-ready guys deserve more than one day.

Men deserve to feel appreciated. Loved. Needed.

Here are ten ideas to honor your guy on any-day.

1.  Listen intently as he talks about his hobby.  Ask questions. Be interested. Have him show you every tool in his toolbox, every lure in his tackle box, or every cool gadget in whatever he’s collected, even if it is a collection of old sci-fi figures.

2.  Allow him control of the remote…for the entire day.

3.  When he tells you, “We’re out of milk!” and you know it’s in the fridge. Answer: “Honey, I think the milk is on the second shelf on the left.”  No eye rolls or sighs.

4.  If he erupts with loud noises from his pants, say, “Good one!”  No other comment necessary.

5.  Tell him how much you appreciate him and all the things he does, like leaving the toilet seat down. Or, killing the bugs in the bathtub, or playing catch with his daughter.

6.  Thank him for completing two items on the “honey do” list.  Be sure to mention those two things and not the thirty-seven more yet to do.

7.  Ask him if he would like to go on a date this Saturday night, and propose to do the date night in reverse.  Wink!

8.  Allow him to bring his favorite chair from his man cave back in to the living room for the day.

9.  Tell him how good he looks in his jeans, even if they are from 1987.

10.  Have the kids draw pictures and write letters that say “thank you” for everything he does.   And don’t forget to thank him for getting up and doing the same thing every day for his family.

Fathers are amazing. They were left out when we were pregnant: but they never once said, “I could do that.”

Later, they change diapers, feed the babies, and even take a night shift once in awhile so we can sleep.

Day-to-day Fathers repeatedly check for the Boogie Man, the monsters in the closet, or the noise we hear downstairs at two in the morning.

Fathers are bug catchers, rodent chasers, tire fixers, dog walkers, and they have learned to answer, “Yes, of course you are a good mother,” at appropriate times.

Sometimes, it is our turn to say, “Yes, you are a good father, and we appreciate all you do.”

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