Just Once I Want to be Ready for an Emergency!

mothers are ready for anything

moms are ready for anything

Just once I would like to be ready for a parental emergency. I don’t mean having psychic ability to predict the event, I just want clean hair, makeup, and clothes on at the time of impact. Moms are ready for anything, right?


I stepped out of the shower and the phone rang.  My child’s school called to inform me he was in the nurse’s office with a bloody nose and needed a change of clothes.

“Can you bring a change of clothes?  It would be detrimental to his learning if he had blood on his clothes for the rest of the day,” asked the school nurse.

“Um, I am just getting out of the shower, I can be there in ½ hour,” I answer.

“Well, he has science lab in 15 minutes, we really need them now,” she said.

“Don’t you have clothes there he can wear, in the emergency clothing box?” I ask.

“Only a pink dress and a size four Barney tee-shirt, he’s nine, he won’t wear that,” she says.

“OK, I will be right there,” I say.  Off I go with wet hair, no makeup, and gym clothes on, but I have a change of clothes for him.  I arrive at the school and look at my son.  There are four spots of blood on his shirt the size of a dime. Couldn’t they have used the four spots as a learning experience in science lab?


I showered, dressed, my socks matched and I was having a really good hair day.

Nothing happened.


I fought with my husband in the morning; spilled coffee on the front of my shirt at Starbuck’s and lost my contact down the drain, so I was wearing glasses.  I ended up in the Emergency room with my ten-year old who needed x-rays of his legs because he was jumping off the dumpster at recess and now limped.  Needless to say the ER doc looked like McDreamy on Grey’s Anatomy, and I looked like the cat dragged me in from a rain storm.


I wore a zesty cute top, was having a really, really good hair day, and feeling breezy.

Again, nothing happened.


I forgot to swipe on deodorant prior to exercising and decided to wait until later to take a shower.


“Hi this is the school nurse.  Brad’s complaining all morning that the freckle on his left arm is hurting.  We would feel more comfortable if you would come look at him,” she says.

“A freckle hurts, did I hear you correctly?” I ask, expecting a different answer.

“Yes,” she states.  There is a pause…I am hoping for something else, anything that will give me a pass on having to drive up to the school. “Ok, I am on my way,” I say.

I bump into Peggy Perfect (the mom who always looks nice no matter the day, time or event going on).  She gave me the once over and looked disappointed. What would she do if she could smell me right now? Luckily, there’s a breeze.

Emergencies happen.  I guess it’s just part of being a Mom.  Things happen at a moment’s notice and even though you may not look ready to handle them, as a Mother, you’re ready to handle anything thrown your way.

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