The Ladies Room – by Carolyn Brown

the ladies room book review

Rating        3 of 5 cups of tea.

Genre         Romance, set in a small town in Oklahoma

Pages          220, Quick, easy read. You won’t need a dictionary by your side.

Drama        Low level – Marriage, Affairs and Family Drama

Sex               Not this time, though the slow budding romance keeps you hooked.

Violence     Nope.

Ending        Satisfying.

Why pick this book? When you’re in the mood for a simple read that ends with feelings of hope and satisfaction, this is the book for you. It’s a simple story, somewhat predictable, and that’s why I love it. The main character is a woman who finds by living her truth, she becomes stronger and life begins to go her way. We love that message for women.

Women hear many things while sitting behind the stall doors in a ladies room. But when Trudy overhears her cousins talking about her life, she is devastated.

“Do you think she knows about either her husband or her daughter … or has her head been in the sand so long that she’s never coming up for air?” Betsy asked.

Sometimes in life, the life you thought you were living turns out to be a lie. Now faced with a cheating husband everyone knew about except her and a secretive daughter, Trudy has to decide whether to go back to her old life or start a new one. The death of her Aunt Gert gives Trudy an unexpected inheritance and the freedom to make a courageous choice.

The Ladies Room takes you on an everyday journey with Trudy as she struggles to rebuild her life and her self-esteem. When she needs her mother’s support, Alzheimer’s takes Trudy’s mother away. Trudy’s daughter sides with her father during the divorce and reveals she is secretly married. To add to the turmoil, Trudy is overweight and is fodder for the towns gossip ring. Not to mention, her only friend through it all is the town weirdo. However, what she does with a can of sardines to her ex-husbands car will bring a smile to your face!

I admire Trudy. She starts to stand up to people. To not care about the criticisms thrown her way.  She finds her voice.  She finds true friendship and romance. She finds herself. All of this is packed into 220 pages of a great story. This book is an inspiration and a simple, fun read that you won’t regret investing your time in.

The story that unfolds in Carolyn Brown’s book is paved with bumps yet lined with hope. Only by embracing our true selves does life seem to work out. The ending of the story leaves you feeling warm inside with hope, and that’s always a good thing.

You can buy the book by clicking the link below, or check it out at your local library. Happy reading!

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