Who is the “Best Mom in the World”?

What traits would she have?

best mom in the world

If you had to choose among the millions of mothers on our planet — who deserves the honor, the “Best Mother in the World?” That’s an awfully large number to choose from…

Perhaps these moms?

The African mother who walks ten miles daily to fetch water for her family, the Oregon mother who spent six months resting in order to give birth to triplets, the single New York mother who works 10-hour days to provide food and pay rent, the Nebraska mother who is teaching her daughter how to withstand the torments of the school bully — or do you, or someone you know, have other nominations?

Although it may not be feasible to choose just one mother, I’m thinking…

The “Best Mother in the World” would be someone who:

…would sacrifice a night’s sleep to care for a sick child, a crying newborn, or a teenager with a broken heart,

…would give her own life if she had to choose between saving herself or her children,

…would spare her children any pain if she could take their place,

…whose arms are the safest place in the world when wrapped around her child,

…says, “Everything is going to be ok” and it is,

…who isn’t afraid to watch her children grow and learn from their mistakes,

… who loves her children unconditionally even though sometimes she doesn’t like how they behave,

…whose heart grows larger with enough love to go around each new child,

…who is happy that someday her children will leave her to fly off on their own,

…who wears her child’s handmade macaroni necklace with pride,

…who eats the breakfast her kids cooked for her on Mother’s Day, even the burned toast, and declares it’s the greatest meal she’s ever eaten,

…has a shoulder that dips down a little more than the other from all the heads that have cried on it,

…whose kiss can cure almost any hurt,

…understands completely why the kangaroo carries her baby in a pouch for as long as possible,

…who cries when a child loses their life, because she knows somewhere there is a mother in pain,

…knows if her “mommy gut feeling” is trying to tell her something she better trust it,

…always makes everything better,

Hmmmm, it looks as if the “Best Mother in the World” is….YOU!

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