Would You Admit Your Clothes Are From a Discount Store?

admit your clothes are from a discount store

When complimented on my outfit, should I share that it is from a discount store?   Asked by Juanita from Minneapolis, MN



I say no need to over share.  If someone compliments your purchase just say thank you.   Heidi – 3o Something


MarjorieChances are if you bought an outfit at a discount store, thousands of others will recognize the outfit if they frequent the same store.  If you don’t disclose where the outfit came from, it’s only a matter of time before they see it themselves as they stop into the store for new throw pillows or laundry detergent.  But…if you really want to throw someone for a loop, you could first admit it was from a discount store, but also add something like, “This outfit was all I could find to match my Monolo Blahnik shoes.”  (wink wink)  Marjorie – 30 Something

amyBrownAbsolutely! Own your good taste and frugalista spending. If this still feels uncomfortable for some reason, I’d ask myself the real question – what I am afraid of in being honest? I find that questions serves me well in many situations. Congrats on landing a cute and well priced outfit. You deserve it!”  Amy B – 40 Something


heleneTozierHeck yes.  It shows that you are a “smart” consumer by shopping at a store that gives you value for your dollar.  In these “lean” times it is fashionable to be frugal.  Besides, they have some really cute clothes. And I LOVE a deal!  Helene – 50 Something


annGlaserAlthough I am proud of the fact that I am a discount shopper- I know that I should keep quiet when complimented on my discount clothes.  However, with my friends, I say-“Hey-this is from Tar-jay- go past the cute baby clothes and cards.  My entire outfit is on the right!” Who am I to keep a good shopping secret from a friend!  Ann – 50 Something


louisePietrafesaWith your close friends, of course, admit you are the bargain maven and had a blast putting it together from the store shelves.  With those moms you hang out with casually, I’d suggest you put that winning smile on your face and say, “Thanks so much!”  Louise – 60 Something

Well ladies, there you have it!  Admit it or don’t admit it.  Either way, hold your head high, shoulders back and feel beautiful dressed as you are!