End of Summer and Kids Are Driving Me Nuts…NOW!

the kids are driving me nuts

kdis are driving me nuts

Is it awful I can’t wait for school to start? My kids are driving me nuts. Christie – Orcas Island, WA

Life CoachYou are not alone. We love our children, but sometimes the end of summer can bring frustration and exhaustion. Knowing that your children will be back to school soon, is there a way that you could do two things?
1. What can you do for yourself to give yourself a break during this time? This is the time to up the self-care – make it a priority.
2. It’s a cliché, but before you know it, your kids will not be around. Is there something you would like to do with them now to make this time a special one? Jamee – 40 Something


Amy C.Nope, not awful at all. Even those parents who miss having their kids underfoot will admit to enjoying the peace and quiet, not to mention the ability to conduct errands without whining in the background. If you ask me, summer vacation is always 2-3 weeks too long, I can never get through it without the kids getting bored and therefore cranky. Amy C. – 40 Something


Amy BrownWhy would it be awful? I don’t think there is a parent who is honest who doesn’t wish for school to start at some point in the summer – many probably earlier than you! Send them off with a smile on your face and know you are only human. 🙂 Amy B. – 40 Something


annGlaserMy daughter just left for school the first day of school a few moments ago. I was surprised to feel all of those old feelings still come flooding in even though she was leaving for high school. Sadness that she is growing up. So proud that she is taking more initiative. Aware that I will miss her being around the house and also that I am ready for some time for me again. Remember that the kids need their challenges too with school. It is ok for them to have a place to go to and for you to have your own life back a bit. Ann – 50 Something

heleneTozierNo not awful, just a fact of life. But step back a minute and try and remember that you will only go down this path once and to appreciate every step of the way. Before you know it, in a blink of an eye, they will be gone on their own and you will miss the noise. Trust me on this one. Helene – 60 Something


louisePietrafesaWhile we all love summer – picnics, bike rides, the beach, it is a time that is relatively unstructured. What does that mean for Mom? She now becomes the family Entertainment Director. Identifying activities that the family will enjoy is just the first step. There’s the planning, packing, unpacking and clean-up. And, as you know, all the usual tasks of running a home ( laundry, dishes, bills, grocery shopping, etc.) don’t stop. So, come end of summer, most Moms want back into a routine. So, it is completely normal to want to see the kids return to school. By the way: this mother and grandmother will encourage you to take some time for yourself that first week. Whether it be returning to bed for an hour after the kids leave for school, a massage or just some quiet time with your pet and a book – recharge those batteries! You successfully created a great summer for your family!!! Louise – 60 Something

Marge G.Ah ha! Summer is drawing to an end, is it? Are we a bit weary? Well, given where you live and knowing the weather the Pacific Northwest has experienced this year–summer? The universal comment “I’m bored,” comes to mind. Be rest assured, however, that the children are also looking forward for school to start, and not because they get to begin the unappealing study routine, but because they will be back with their friends in a structured setting learning new things, meeting new friends, and facing new adventures. So, you aren’t “awful”, but just a normal mom wishing for some therapeutic peace and quiet. Being a mother is flat out hard work, no matter what the circumstances or how much paid help one is fortunate enough to have. Above all, it is emotionally draining, which is what you really mean when you say “my kinds are driving me nuts.” Welcome to the club. Many have gone before you! Marge – 70 Something