Tips for Staying on Your Diet

staying on your diet

Do you have any tips on how to resist temptations so I can stay on my diet?

Asked by Sarah – 30 something – Boston, MA

All of us have been on one diet or another throughout our lives.   Our reasons for dieting are as unique as we are.  For whatever our personal reasons are, sometimes it is difficult to stay on track to reach our goals.  Let’s read what our panelists have to say this week on dieting. As we continue with diets and step on the scale.  We must remember a scale does not measure our value as women, it only measures our weight.

heidiJones1Things that have made a difference and helped me stick with a diet start with my own motivation.  When I have approached a diet from a place of wanting to slim down for my husband or for a vacation, any weight I possibly lose creeps right back on.  When I’m coming from a place of wanting to be healthier and happier with my own self image I tend to stick with it.  I have also stopped rewarding myself with food (I know that sounds obvious) and instead reward with a new shirt or skirt or whatever.  I also like the method of not weighing myself but instead have a goal pair of pants that I want to fit better and every week try them on and see how I’m doing.  Heidi – 30 something

MarjorieTry not to think about having restrictions, but rather modifying your indulgences. You can still have the things you love to eat while watching your waistline, but limit the amount and slowly increase the healthier options. After a while, you most likely will prefer the healthier options when you realize that you won’t be deprived of anything and you start seeing the results. Good luck.  Marjorie – 30 something


Amy BrownAh, temptation. Easy to recognize and hard to ignore. My advice is to break this down into 3 pieces. Give yourself a vision or a goal that is greater than temptation, create structures of support, and reward yourself for small wins.
An example of what this looks like…
Set the vision: If you want to get to size 8, put up photos of size 8 women or apparel where they can serve as a constant reminder of your goal.
Structures: Use daily affirmations to reinforce the goal, such as “I will be a size 8 by X date”. Share these aspirations with supportive friends, increasing your accountability to the goal.
Rewards: When you’ve lost 3 pounds, celebrate with a non caloric treat! Something that makes you feel good.

Good luck – you can do it!  Amy B. -40 something

Amy C.To me, finding an easy way to resist temptation is like trying to find world peace.  We definitely need it, but it seems pretty impossible.  It is something I struggle with all the time, especially now that my metabolism is slowing to the rate of a sloth.  The thing that has worked the best for me is to pay attention to the signals my body gives me.  If I have too much sugar, I get a sharp headache and some rather embarrassing indigestion. Fatty food can be downright painful as well.  If I really listened to my body, I would probably be a vegetarian but, truth be known, I cannot live without my occasional steak on the grill.  I think temptation is relative:  everything in moderation is good as well as it is balanced with plenty of healthy-stuff.  Amy C. – 40 something

annGlaserSo-temptation and how to avoid it?  First-put the whole family on the diet.  Doesn’t make anyone happy but at least those chocolate chip cookies and ice cream aren’t there to tempt you every day.  Second-realize how healthy it is for you.  The time it was easiest for me to lose weight was when I realized it was a health issue and not a “how I look” issue.  Think of it as being kind to your body.  Only put into it healthy foods-protein, veggies, minimal fruit and no carbs.  The weight will really drop off then!  Third-try to be nice to yourself.  Go get a manicure, go on a walk with a friend.  “Treat” yourself in ways that don’t involve putting stuff into your mouth.  And Good luck!   Ann -50 something

louisePietrafesaThis is a challenge we all face – how to stay “on track” when staring at one of your favorite foods.  I encourage you to take charge of your inner talk.  Tell yourself how awesome, powerful, and in control you are going to feel by resisting the food and repeat that until the food is out of your sight.  You might think about the scale and this could have a positive spin (“Wow! One pound less!” or be a negative reminder (“Darn, I haven’t lost anything!”).  Another idea would be to touch your hips or waist and remind yourself that the taste is momentary but the calories linger on in your body.

Bottom line: Persist in your efforts. The research on lifestyle behavior change results from persistent efforts over time.   Louise – 60 something

heleneTozierI am not someone who should give advice on this subject.  I have been trying to stay on a diet for over 45 years and still haven’t had any lasting success.  I am just trying to take it a day at a time and instead of eating the whole pie or even a whole piece of pie, I am taking only a bite.  On the other hand there are some things I just don’t take even one of; can you say M & M’s?  One leads to a whole bag and then weeks of bags so I just say no.  Helene -60 something

Marge G.Forget the diet.  That’s a 4 letter word!  Deny your body food, and it thinks the berries have died and the mastodon herd has moved on.  It will just make up for the shortage the first chance it gets.   Instead, think portion control, calorie content and nutritional value.  Don’t resist temptations, enjoy them!  That’s what they are for.  Just ask the French!   You will find if you eat a balanced diet, drink your water, and kick in with some moderate and consistent exercise you won’t have the cravings for the temptations quite so much and a little dab will do you just fine!   Marge -70 something