What Preschool to Choose for Your Child?

Advice from Our Wisdom Panelists

wha t preschool to choose

What preschool should I choose for my child?  I want her to have the best start and am confused on which school to choose.  I have a 4 year old and a 2 year old.   Asked by Janet – Dallas, TX

Life CoachChoosing a preschool is not always easy.  I think the best way to solve this kind of quandary is to identify your priorities.  What does it mean to you to “have the best start?”   Which of the schools that you are considering, provides that “best start?”

Where is your child comfortable?  Where are you comfortable?

I am not an educational expert. I only have my experience with three children to fall back on.  For our family, preschool was about finding a community for our children – a place to socialize and feel comfortable separating from us and bonding with other adults – their teachers.   We also wanted to find a place close to home so that it was easy to drop off and pick up without the stress of travel and traffic.

Preschool is important, but it is just one part of what you are providing for them.  Whatever you decided – if you follow your intuition – will be right.  Jamee – 40 something


heleneTozierChoose a preschool that reflects your belief in how your child should be educated.  If you believe that children should start having homework in kindergarten then a preschool that prepares them for that should be your choice.  If you believe that children should be children then send them to a school that encourages the love of learning and creativity.  My opinion, way too much emphasis put on preparing children for college when they are small.  They will have plenty of time for that later.  We need to be encouraging them to discover the world and how to be creative not how to take tests and write papers.  My youngest grandson had to take a test before he entered kindergarten.  Please, he was 5 years old.  Thank heavens he passed because I don’t know what would have happened: remedial kindergarten or detention.  Helene – 60 something


Marge G.Research, research, research!  Explore all the possibilities in your area and seek advice from friends and neighbors who have already had the nursery school experience.  Ask permission to visit and observe several you are interested in. Note the student to teacher ratio and if there is a curriculum or if it is just glorified babysitting.  Also note the cleanliness of the room, and if there is ample outdoor play area. Lastly, get on the Internet and see if anyone has posted comments, criticism, etc.  If during the year you find you have chosen the wrong one and it is really unsatisfactory on many counts, you can always remove your child.  Marge – 70 something