How to Feel Comfortable in a Bathing Suit

feel comfortable in a bathring suie

How on earth can I feel comfortable in a bathing suit?  I dread it but I don’t want to miss out on stuff in the summer anymore.  Help! Asked by Stephanie – Sussex, England

Life Coach

Thank you for asking this question because you are asking it for mothers everywhere!  I have a couple of thoughts:

1. Think of a time that you were happy in a bathing suit.  See if you can really remember the experience – what it felt like – what your thoughts were – who you were with.  What were you saying to yourself?  Who were you “being?” Was your happiness tied to your body only or was it also tied to the experience you were having?

In order to recreate the experience, instead of trying to change your body, you may start shifting your perspective.

a. What can you appreciate about yourself right now?

b. What can you tell yourself that empowers you?

c. If you were supporting a good friend with the same issue, what would you tell her?

Enjoy your bathing suit and your summer… you deserve it.  Jamee – 40 something


heleneTozierWow this is a terrific question, especially since most of us are not “model perfect”.  I have traveled all over the world and seen all type of bodies wearing bathing suits.  European women don’t seem to have any problem going out in a 2pc suit that, trust me, they have no business wearing.  But, it doesn’t seem to faze them in the least and no one else seems to mind either.  A good lesson for us not comfortable with our bodies and too concerned about what others will think.  I try to wear something that I feel comfortable in because I am not going to miss the joy of a beach visit or swimming in a pool.  I try to make sure all the appropriate bits are covered and quite frankly, screw it if they don’t like it. If I had to wait until I had a swimsuit body I would NEVER go anywhere and that just isn’t an option.  Best day, sitting at the beach watching dolphins frolic in the water about 50 yards offshore and drinking a glass of champagne with a friend.  Priceless.  Helene – 60 something


Marge G.I really think there are only a few people on earth that feel comfortable in a bathing suit, and they are all under the age of five.  You don’t say what about baring your body is bothering you, but if it isn’t an easy fix, either forget about it and enjoy yourself, or wear more clothes to hide what you are self-conscious about.  White skin–use spray tan.  Belly roll–forget the bikini.  Most of us really don’t like disrobing for a doctor, much less exposing body flaws to an entire beach or patio party. Dress to feel comfortable, and let your winning personality overshadow any insecurity.  And Sussex in England?  Just say you are waiting for a warm day.  The season could pass without you seeing one!  Off the hook, slam dunk!  Marge – 70 something