Should You Have Cosmetic Surgery?

should i have cosmetic surgery

We all age. Wrinkles, sagging necks and well, breasts that start to droop. Makes a woman feel like a deflated balloon. Modern science and a deep wallet allow women to take back the clock and re-inflate the balloon if only for a little while. Our panelists offer frank and humorous input to your question…should I have cosmetic surgery?

I am thinking of having cosmetic surgery.  All I want to do is just look about 10 years younger.  I am trying to decide whether or not to do it.  Should I have cosmetic surgery? Asked by Jessica – Bloomington, IL

Amy BrownThis is a big dilemma! The question I’d ask myself is, if I did look 10 years younger (or at least 5 :), would that solve the real issue long term? Or, is there something else going on that would still nag at you? I’m all about self-improvement, and if someone wants cosmetic surgery for themselves (not for others), I say go for it!  Amy B. – 40 something


Amy C.There are 2 sides to my answer:  the first is, Honey, if it makes you happy and doesn’t put your overall health (physical or financial) in jeopardy, what’s the harm?  The second is, Honey, everyone ages, it’s going to keep coming and I’m sure you are just beautiful.  Are you sure you really need it?

We all know that we are under pressure to keep up with the Joneses when it comes to our looks, the pressure is high, and statistics tell us cosmetic surgery is so common as to Raise the Bar to nasty heights.  There are certainly parts of my body that are not defying gravity anymore and it would be great if my genetics had given me a better shot at it.  But just be careful:  you are going to keep aging, will you keep feeling pressured to try to turn back the clock?  If that starts happening, perhaps watch a little less reality tv, stay away from the tabloids, and just be happy you are aging.  My Dad had his first heart attack when he was 42, and left us when he was 56.  Sometimes aging is a gift, and to hell with everyone else.  Amy C. – 40 something


heleneTozierOnly you can decide this answer and I think it depends on how old you are now.  For instance if you are 30 and want to look 20, probably not a good idea.  However, if you are 60 or 70 and want to look 50 or 60 and you want to go thru the pain and pay the money, go for it.  I have friends who have had work done because it was important to them and helped them feel better about themselves.  But there are also friends who say “no way” and are tackling the aging process head on with no intervention and are very content to let life take its natural course.  For myself, I would rather spend the $10K on a terrific vacation to Thailand and expand my experiences.  I am not 40 or 50 and I won’t ever be that age again and I embrace that.  Helene – 60 something


Marge G.Well, if you think it necessary for your self-esteem and you can afford it, go ahead and make the plunge.  A lot depends on how old you are, though, since you might be able to take 10 years off your face, but your body will tell the real truth unless you are young enough that not much else has started to go south or wrinkle yet.  Another option is to pick friends older than you.  You will automatically feel and look younger!  There is nothing wrong with learning how to age gracefully, however, because in the long run it won’t make much difference how old you look, just that you look good at whatever age you happen to be.  Marge – 70 something