Ten Ways to Know You Are Doing Motherhood Correctly

are you doing motherhood correctly

Every night when my head hits the pillow I wonder if I did it all correctly that day. There are no measurements or boxes to check off to reassure today’s moms of their mom skills. So, I thought of these ten to help me out when I am feeling unsure about things, which is just about every day.

You know you are doing motherhood correctly when:

  1. Your purse becomes a pantry for snacks.
  2. Yoga pants become a wardrobe staple.
  3. You don’t notice the dust around the house as much.
  4. You look forward to the kid’s meal placemats at restaurants and have increased your word find skills considerably.
  5. You’ve begun to see your car as the second home you’ve always wanted.
  6. A good night sleep means all kids are safe in their beds sleeping.
  7. Your calendar becomes a living breathing thing that changes and grows as each year passes.
  8. Pancakes and pizza become their own food group.
  9. You can carry on a conversation with another mom in 30 second intervals between dealing with your kids and not miss a bit of information.
  10. You accept that the only thing you can do correctly all the time is to love your kids with all your heart, just as they are.

I feel better now, do you?


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