Overwhelmed With All The Questions a Mom is Asked?

too many questions for mom

One day I came up with a solution for all the questions my husband and kids ask me in a day. I was very proud of myself.  I started down the stairs and called the family to order in the kitchen.  This was going to be a great success.

“I would like to call today’s press conference to order,” I state.  My hands go up in the air and rest comfortably on the breakfast counter.  Both Alpha and Bravo just stare at me.

“I thought I would try something different today to manage all the questions I have to field on a daily basis,” I say, looking for some understanding from either child.  They continue to stare at me with blank expressions.  They then look at each other, back at me, and then back at each other.  “What?” they both say together.

“I field dozens of questions everyday and I feel it would be much simpler to answer all questions during a press conference,” I say. “So, fire away!” I raise my shoulders with pride.

“But how will we know what questions we are going to ask when we don’t even know what we are doing today?” they ask.

“Good question,” I state. Darn kids.

So much for the press conference idea.  Somehow there must be a way to help field all the questions I am asked everyday.

“Why are there stars?”

“Is my heart beating?”

“Have you ever eaten a bug?”

“Do you know why girls like pink?”

“Do you know what time the movie starts?”

“When is my dentist appointment?”

“Is there supposed to be a worm in the fridge?”

My favorites are the entire family assuming I have a built in GPS for all their stuff.

“Where is my mitt?”

“Do you know where my wallet is?”

“Where is my red baseball shirt with the hole in the sleeve?”

“Where are my tennis shoes?”

“Have you seen my swimming suit?”

“Do we have any milk?”

The Mom of the house is question central.  She is the go to gal, the woman with all the answers.  By the end of the day I am emptied out of answers and will turn red eyed if asked one more question. It is at that moment, one of my dear boys asks, “Mom? Can you tuck me in tonight?”  Now that is one question I would be glad to answer, “Yes, of course.”

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