• Catching Curveballs

    The Six Stages from Birth to Teenagers of Eating

    by Tracy Larson on August 16, 2016

    It is interesting how other species feed their young.  A bird regurgitates her food and gags it into her baby’s mouth.  A dung beetle actually lays her eggs in “poop” for them to eat when they hatch.  Mammals all nurse their young until they teach their babies to find food on their own after a [read the full article]

  • Wisdom Wednesdays

    Sometimes Feel Irrelevant in Motherhood?

    by Contributors on August 17, 2016

    Relevance by Nancy Schatz Alton The matter at hand is always changing from breakfast to lunch to dinner from cash to time to patience from the dog who stops, refusing to move pushing the owner’s lips into a shape of a sigh until there is nothing left to notice but the white animal straining at the leash with need to capture this specific scent.   We [read the full article]

  • Women, Then & Now

    Women’s Hair in 1890 Compared to Now

    by Tracy Larson on August 18, 2016

    A woman’s hairstyle can define who she is to the world just like her clothes do.  Our foremothers had fun with different hairstyles just like we do today. In fact, the “equipment” they used to get their hair in place is not that much different than todays. Here is an 1891 advertisement for a curler and [read the full article]

  • Who is She?

    An Infertility Story

    by Tracy Larson on June 30, 2016

    The path to motherhood may seem like a simple one, but for some women the path takes a different turn. Infertility is a difficult journey and a private one. Kelly, a new mom from San Francisco, has been on that journey and is willing to share her story with you. Let’s meet Kelly. Tracy – I [read the full article]

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    One of the luckiest things that can happen to you in life is to have a happy childhood.
    ~ Agatha Christie

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