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balance work and family

How to Balance Work and Family

December 8, 2016

I went back to work 30 hours a week a couple of months ago after being a stay at home Mom for 10 years.  I have two grade school age children and a supportive husband.  […]

good girlfriends

A Girlfriend Intervention – A Hairy One?

December 7, 2016

At times, the only thing separating me from looking like a dweeb all day is my friend Kelly. I suspected something was amiss when Kelly placed a steaming mug of heavenly lemongrass tea in front […]

how to get your man to talk more

How to Get Your Man to Talk More

December 6, 2016

“Honey, we need to talk,” I say. Those words from a woman’s mouth causes a man to drop the remote. “About what?” he asks. He blows out a sigh. “Honey, we are not dating anymore. […]

ways to be a good neighbor

Ten Ways to Be A Good Neighbor

December 5, 2016

Why bother making friends with your neighbor? After a busy day, time behind closed doors is a luxury and reaching out to neighbors may not seem worth the effort. But, creating goodwill with your neighbors […]

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