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parents guide to texting teenagers

A Parent’s Guide to Texting Teenagers

June 21, 2017

“Honey, call me when you get to Nicole’s house.” Mom requests. “Mom, only old people use the phone,” daughter replies. “Well, then text me,” says Mom. …15 minutes later…texting begins… Daughter:   At N’s (She arrived […]

competitive parents

How to Deal With Competitive Women

June 14, 2017

Sometimes when I talk to my friend I get the feeling she is competing with me.  I might share a success I had and she doesn’t seem happy for me. I feel like I am […]

honoring father's day

Common Phrases Fathers Say – Father’s Day

June 10, 2017

On Father’s Day we salute the men who endured our late night food cravings and verbal darts during our pregnancies. These men change diapers, burp babies and chase toddlers. Their broad strong shoulders are for […]

reasons not to do laundry

Ten Reasons Not to Do Laundry

June 5, 2017

1.  New clean underwear is available at any discount store for a reasonable price. 2.  You are out of laundry soap. 3.  Clean socks are highly overrated. 4.  Once started it will take 8 hours […]

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