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parking at stadiums

Men and Parking at Sports Stadiums

January 20, 2017

During the year, families venture out to sporting events, such as a baseball, football, or soccer games. Roasted peanuts, hot dogs, cotton candy and a full stomach are all on the menu.  Dad’s wallets empty […]

be a lawyer

Yes You Can Be a Lawyer

January 14, 2017

Meet Michelle Bomberger, a lawyer, mom, wife, and entrepreneur. Michelle shares with you her path to becoming a lawyer and the eventual opening of her law firm. Discover that doing what you love is possible […]

balance work and family

How to Balance Work and Family

January 10, 2017

I went back to work 30 hours a week a couple of months ago after being a stay at home Mom for 10 years.  I have two grade school age children and a supportive husband.  […]

girlfriend criticized my husband

My Girlfriend Criticized My Husband – Now What?

January 10, 2017

My girlfriend criticized my husband about his outfit; called them “nerd” clothes.  At the time I didn’t react, but now I feel offended.  Should I mention anything to her? Asked by Lynn – Pittsburgh, PA […]

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